Don't Use Pull Request Review Feature of Github

Github now has a feature which allows a PR to be assigned to someone for review.

In order to fully understand issues with this workflow let’s define some personas.

Let’s say that Sam is PR sender. And Ronnie is PR reviewer.

Since Sam is working on the PR he has assigned this PR to himself. He is working on this PR across multiple days so assigning the PR to himself is a good idea and we at BigBinary encourage that behavior.

Once the PR is ready for review then Sam puts Ronnie as the Reviewer. Ronnie gets notified that he needs to review PR.

So far so good.

Ronnie looks at the PR and he puts some comments which Sam needs to fix.

Now another team member looks at the PR then that team member has no idea on whose bucket this PR is. Who needs to act next is not clear since PR is assigned to Sam and reviewer is Ronnie.

To avoid such confusion we at BigBinary do not use PR review feature.

We believe that in order to get work done at any time an issue/PR need to be assigned to a single person.

Here is how our workflow works.

Once Sam is ready for his PR to be reviewed he would assign the PR to Ronnie. Please note that he is not adding Ronnie as the Reviewer. He is assigning PR to Ronnie. Now it’s clear to everyone who has to act next to move this PR forward.

Ronnie looks at the PR. He has a few comments for Sam. After he is done with his review he would assign PR back to Sam. Once again it is clear to everyone who has to act next to move this PR forward.