Learning jQuery

Here are the steps we recommend you go through on your journey towards learning jQuery.

Step 1: Learn jQuery videos by BigBinary team

The BigBinary team has produced nine videos on learning jQuery, which are an excellent way to get started.

Step 2: 30 Days to Learn jQuery by Jeffrey Way

We recommend 30 Days to Learn jQuery from Tuts+ for a strong foundation in jQuery. The entire course is available for free once you sign up.

Step 3: Try jQuery by CodeSchool

CodeSchool has produced try jQuery, which offers code challenges and also has video instructions.

Step 4: Classes are for designers, data-behavior is for JavaScript developers

In the real world project, we do not rely on CSS classes or ids to do JavaScript manipulations. That approach makes JavaScript code very brittle. We use ‘data-behavior’, and this blog discusses that approach in detail.

Step 5: Learning from jQuery source code

The following two videos are a bit old and a few things might have changed. However, they’re still a very good way to see the inner workings of jQuery.

10 Things I Learned from the jQuery Source

11 More Things I Learned from the jQuery Source