Tools for Asynchronous communication

There are many team collaboration chat systems available these days - HipChat, Slack, and Flowdock to name a few.

We use Slack for both internal communication among BigBinary team members and for communicating with clients.

Don’t keep checking messages in chat system constantly

Having unread messages on Slack doesn’t mean you have to read them immediately! Let people get on with their work, while you get on with yours. Save message-checking for when you are out of your thought zone.

Slack allows one to control “Notification Preferences”. Getting notified for any kind of activity is too much noise. We typically set notification level to Mention of my name or highlight words.

Basecamp for long discussions

We use Basecamp for long discussions and tracking features.

Screen sharing

We primarily use GoToMeeting for discussing and for screen sharing.

We also use Google Hangouts, Skype or for screen sharing.